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Spiritual Direction without Naming God

In an age that is becoming increasingly secular, spiritual directors must face the question of how to relate to people who neither think nor speak in terms that we typically associate with religious experience, or in categories that have been used historically to understand and communicate spiritual phenomena. By Richard Boileau and Stéfan Thériault

An ordinary day

When I woke up this morning, darkness had vanished, relinquishing its hold at the sight of an amazing sunrise. The junko and the cardinal danced around a pile of sunflower seeds that I’d placed on a table last night. Last night, I counted my blessings, but also my disappointments. Last night, my wife and I…

The Logos of our Lives

Our earthly quest for meaning, of which so much is written nowadays, is ultimately a search for the divine source.  This article originally appeared in The Way, January 2019 Download the PDF file . Click here to watch an in-depth interview with Vikotr Frankl about meaning on the CBC program Man Alive, 1979.  

The Fragmented Self at Prayer

 The radical decision that Francis of Assisi took with regards to the meaning of the Christian Gospel during the opening moments of the thirteenth century created a whole school of spirituality that has transcended the centuries as “the richest of all, incontestably one of the most beautiful, and one which has most decisively left its…