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Falling with Grace to Grace

  In the course of finding God in all situations, which is the rich discovery of contemplative prayer, we are often surprised to find that God is revealed in sadness as well as joy; in darkness as well as light; in doubt as well as faith.   Falling is an image of darkness and doubt…

Consolation of Mind and Heart – The Search for Meaning and Happiness

  A MAJOR AXIS OF IGNATIAN SPIRITUALITY is the proposition that God can be found in all things. And ‘all things’ include the words that people speak, words being symbols used to signify the array of thoughts and feelings that constitute the human experience.  This article originally appeared in The Way Magazine. Visit them online…

Dealing with Loss – Balthasar’s Three Forms of Abandonment

  I would like to examine the value of these three forms of abandonment in accompanying the bereaved in order to deal with their grief and lead them to new life in the resurrection of Christ.  This article originally appeared in The Way Magazine. Visit them online at: Download the PDF file .

Sub-Personalities and Authenticity

  SYCHOSYNTHESIS IS A THEORY and practice of human development that combines the insights of psychoanalysis with an affirmation of the spiritual dimension of the person, the ‘higher’ or ‘transpersonal’ self, that coheres with traditional understandings of Christianity. The theory, proposed by Robert Assagioli around 1910, was distinct from others yet remained consistent with the…